Project Title: Treatment of Waste Water Produced by Electronic Industry by Electrocoagulation Process.


The EC system was a batch type reactor (50Lit capacity) it consisted 17 electrolytic cells and the electrodes were square with a rectangular flange the dimension of electrodes are given in fig. The electrodes had a thickness of 5mm;the cathode was made up of aluminum. The cell consisted of 4 areas, Sedimentation, flotation, reaction and circulation. The electrodes were arranged in parallel (20mm spacing) to lower the potential difference between the electrodes and they were connected in series. The entire node was connected at a single point and all the cathode were connected at another point. The reaction area was where the electrical transfer between the electrodes and solution occurred. The sedimentation allows flogs to precipitate and accumulates without clogging the reaction area. Bubbling occurred in the circulation area and caused water circulation between the electrodes Lab-scale experimental was conducted with cylindrical vessels using a laboratory direct current (DC) power supply. All of the experiments were performed at room temperature


1. The prototype Electrocoagulation system demonstrated a significant level of efficiency. The model generated made it possible to remove physical and chemical impurities effectively. Efficiency of removal of impurities is up to 91%.
2. The optimum operating condition was a current density 7A/m2 to 11A/m2 and a 15-mm electrodes gap.
3. Treatment plant is capable of removing chemical impurities completely.
4. Electrocoagulation units are suitable for any small scale industry.


Treated water use for domestic purpose i.e. gardening, cleaning, and sanitary purpose.
Water charges may get reduced which is beneficial to industry.

Submitted by

  • Saurabh Sase (BECE4121)
  • Snehal Marathe (BECE4125)
  • Gayatri Mete (BECE4130)
  • Komal Gadekar (BECE4163)
  • Shubham Dhok (BECE4169)

Under the guidance of :

  • Prof. C.P.Thosar.
  • Department of Civil Engineering,
  • Chh. Shahu College of Engineering, Aurangabad.

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